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Southern Spain is 2½ hours from the UK and have on average 300 days of sunshine each year, with access to beautiful beaches and skiing, so why would you not want to relocate to Spain and set about working in Spain and make it your home?

Thousands of European expats are relocating to Spain on the Southern coast and Gibraltar on a coast line that is rapidly becoming less of a tourist destination and more of a place to set up a new life. It is not all a bed of roses, however, as the summer can be hot and busy but the lifestyle is generally of a much higher quality and spare time is enjoyed outside in the sun.

The availability of quality employment is ever increasing although the employers with a reputation for poor employee treatment are common knowledge for those living here so be aware of this fact when you are considering relocating to Spain.

As a result many candidates looking for work in Spain are turning to RecruitSpain for guidance and assistance in their job search and to help them in their quest to find work in Spain.

Employment Details

The types of jobs available are rapidly expanding in Spain and represent many of the sectors you would expect in the UK such as sales, marketing, IT, teaching, accounting, construction, reception and administration. Other areas such as HR are developing as the companies that are growing in size are realising the importance of retaining quality staff making relocating to Spain even more attractive than before.

Gibraltar has been relatively well established for many years with most of the vacancies in the banking, financial and legal sectors, although the recent boom in online gambling has led to more options in other sectors. For more information on jobs in Gibraltar see our jobs in Gibraltar page

Catch 22!

Many people are caught with the question of whether they can move to Spain with out having secured a job to go to. The answer is only answered by you, but the fact remains that to start working Spain you have to be personally interviewed, and often have to have a Spanish address, which means coming to Southern Spain first. Some employers will conduct an intial interview over the phone bt after that they expect to see you in person.

You may wish to take a few days holiday and come over to see if Spain or Gibraltar meet your expectations and have a few interviews while you are here. The alternative is that you fly over specially when a vacancy, that meets your expectation arises, just to interview. Most candidates find that without being here though you will find it very hard to gain employment.

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In general Spanish salaries for working in Spain are less than those in the UK but bear in mind that the cost of living is less and the lifestyle is better. In many Spanish companies working hours include a 'Siesta' which is a 2-3 hour break between 2-5pm. This is when many businesses shut down, re-opening in the cooler hours of the evening, although the number of companies now adhering to this is diminishing.

The Spanish have a system of breaking the normal 12 month salary payments into 14 over the course of the year, and thus you get a 'bonus' at Christmas and the start if summer. This can be quite confusing for some and means you have to stay the whole year to get a full salary but you can request the 14 be divided into 12 so it seems 'normal' again!

The basic salaries range from €600 - €2000 for sales roles and many are commission only, but have the potential to earn 6 figure sums. For non sales roles the salaries vary massively as in the UK, for example a receptionist may earn €600 - €1000 per month, a graphic designer may earn €2000 per month and an IT database developer may earn €2000 per month.

Property and Money

The prices of property have been rising at incredible rates over that past few years and many new arrivals are finding that their “beach front villa” is more than they expected! The need to own a house is also less prevalent outside the UK, and many Spanish families rent all their lives, thus there is an abundance of rental property available, making relocating to Spain easier. Prices vary according to area and size of property, with the availability of 2 bedroom apartments being prevalent.  You can purchase a 2 bedroom flat for between €150,000 – €1.5 million so as you can see the choice is huge. The swindling of conning people out of money placed down for the purchase of a house still exists, so be aware of who you buying through and what the conditions of sale are.

The price at which you buy your euros, when relocating to Spain, over the sterling you have in the UK can make a huge difference to what you can buy when you arrive. If you have sold your house and or need to move large amounts of sterling there are companies that help you gain a better rate of exchange than you can get at your bank. These companies can also help you fix a rate of exchange for delivery of your money up to 2 years away to save problems with currency fluctuations. This is one the best pieces of advice I can share is to look at the rate of exchange you are gaining.

Health, Cost of Living and Driving

Anyone who is paying social security in Spain is entitled to access to the National Health Service which is similar to that in the UK. If you are not yet in the system you must have an EU health card, as since the 1 January 2006 the E111 from is no longer available in Europe, this will then cover you for any medical help you require. Be aware though it is not usable in private health centres in Spain, as in the UK. You can apply for online or in person at post offices for the card.

A general rule of thumb for many people, when calculating the cost of living in Spain is that, if it is going to cost you €150 a week to live in the UK, it will cost you around €100 a week to live in Spain. This rule obviously has its exceptions but if you use this rule across all your expenses you will find that it should not be too far out.

  • Electricity: For two people bills are around €30 to €35 per month.
  • Telephone: Flat-fee of about €20 per month with the calls that you make on top of that
  • Non-Residents can drive in Spain on a foreign driving licence for a maximum of 6 months in the calendar year.

EU residents can drive on their existing EU licence until it runs outs. When it does run out you must apply for a Spanish driving licence. Recruitspain accept no responsibility for any inaccuracies in this information.

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