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Working in Gibraltar - Relocation to Gibraltar

Please find below some information on working in Gibraltar.

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Gibraltar is 2½ hours from the UK and have on average 300 days of sunshine each year, with access to beautiful beaches, so why would you not want to relocate to Gibraltar and work in Gibraltar? The Mediterranean climate, landscape and ambience combined with working in an English-speaking city and the cheaper cost of living make Gibraltar an ideal spot for relocation.

Thousands of European expats are moving to and working in Gibraltar and Southern Spain on a coast line that is rapidly becoming less of a tourist destination and more of a place to set up a new life. It is not all a bed of roses, however, as the summer can be hot and busy, but the lifestyle is generally of a much higher quality and spare time is enjoyed outside in the sun.

The availability of quality employment is ever increasing although the employers with a reputation for poor employee treatment are common knowledge for those living here. As a result many candidates looking for a job in Gibraltar are turning to RecruitSpain for guidance,  assistance in their job search and advise for relocation to Gibraltar.

Employment Details

Gibraltar has been relatively well established for many years with most of the vacancies in the banking, financial and legal sectors, although the recent boom in online gambling has led to more options in other sectors.

Catch 22!

Many people are caught with the question of whether they can relocate to Gibraltar with out having secured a job to go to. The answer is only answered by you, but the fact remains that to gain a job you have to be personally interviewed, and often have to have a local address, which means coming to Southern Spain or Gibraltar. RecruitSpain ideally personally interview all its candidates prior to putting them forward for a vacancy so we expect candidates to be able to get to Spain or Gibraltar at some point in their process. 

You may wish to take a few days holiday and come over to see if Spain or Gibraltar meets your expectations and have a few interviews while you are here. The alternative is that you fly over subsequent to a phone interview, when a vacancy that meets your expectation arises, to personally interview. Most candidates find that without being here though you will find it harder to gain employment.

Gibraltar has a distinct benefit for non Spanish speakers in that being bilingual is not necessarily a prerequisite for employment and thus opens up many opportunities for  a job.

Salaries and working in Gibraltar

Work permits can be issued to foreign nationals, and there are two completely different groups of persons EU and non-EU nationals. After staying more than 6 months in Gibraltar, EU citizens can apply and receive a 5-year renewable work permit, while the non-EU nationals are only eligible if there isn't a local resident willing to do the same job, see below for further information.

The working hours in Gibraltar are very similar to those of the UK, albeit some hours can be from 9 - 6 or take the opposite of working 'summer hours' during July and August and finish at 3.30pm each day. The working conditions are also very similar as the legal treatment of employees is the same as the UK.

As a guide the average wages in Gibraltar are typically 20% lower then in the UK (sunshine tax!), for basic positions such as secretarial and administration pay of £12k - £17k with PAs taking up to £25k. As you would expect specifically skilled roles such as IT positions command higher wages and can be anything up to matching UK wages. There are some locally based industries that always need specific skill sets such as Company Administrators and those with Trust experience and thus these candidates tend to get snapped up immediately.

The provision of health care and pensions are relatively standard and again similar to those of the UK but certainly not the norm in Spain. As you will be working in Gibraltar you will be paying social security here but you can 'passport' the payment back to Spain via form filling etc.

Please note that if you work in Gibraltar but live in Spain then you pay income tax in Gibraltar.

Property and Money

The prices of property in Gibraltar has been steadily rising, as has property globally, but the ever diminishing space available certainly means prices will continue to rise. There has been a swathe of newly erected property for both residential and commercial use mainly finished to a very high standard. The high end properties are mainly built with 'high networth individuals' in mind who have to own a property in keeping with their welth in order to qualify for the minumal tax category status.

There are still plenty of properties for the first time buyer however with many of the older tower blocks seeing internal make overs reminscent of 'Changing Rooms'. Many of the blocks come with swimming pools included albeit they tend to be fairly small.

Access to rental property is achieved via stroll along man street to the many estate agencies that line the path or a short search on the internet. The lack of available property has served to push prices up and led many people to seek accomomdation across the border in La Linea but even now the town sees the available properties snapped up quickly. Other areas to consider around Gibraltar are Alcaidesa, Duquesa, Torreguadiaro and Sotogrande. A search through the local free papers such as the Friday Ad or the Sur in English normally will get you on the right track.

For more information we suggest you contact

Bray Properties at or call +350 200 47777

Special tax incentives are available for individuals buying residences in Gibraltar and handling at least a portion of their investments through local financial institutions (High Net Worth Individuals) as well as for relocating executives. These incentives will not be affected by the current restructuring of corporate taxes which when implemented will provide a benign, low-tax climate for local and international companies. Gibraltar has no capital gains tax, inheritance tax, gift tax or wealth tax.

The new Gibraltar budget was announced in June 2007, and contained a number of changes affecting individual taxation as detailed below. We strongly recommend that you visit the Gibraltar goverment website for specific infomration and a tax calculator -

Income Tax system in Gibraltar

There are a few different types of income tax systems in Gibraltar and the selection of the correct one will certainly make a difference to your ultimate payment amount. For more information see our comprehensive guide by clicking here.

We can arrange a totally free consultation with a local tax advisor to clarify your best choice once you are here, so please contact us and we will be happy to get this arranged for you.

Health, Cost of Living and Driving

The cheaper cost of living means real savings. There is no VAT charged in Gibraltar. Interest is fully allowable on mortgages in Gibraltar, and property in Spain is cheaper than in the UK

At the time of writing, Gibraltar is served by direct, twice-daily British Airways flights from Gatwick, the Monarch “Crown Service” from Luton and trips to and from Manchester fly four times a week. Gibraltar is 2 ½ hours flying time from London and three hours to Manchester. A multiple-lane auto-route, a few minutes drive from the border, links Gibraltar with the major airport at Malaga which offers regular international flights to most parts of the world as well as links to many of Britain’s regional airports. Malaga is reached in less than an hour and a half of hassle-free motoring through the spectacular Andalusian countryside.

Although Gibraltar is self-governing, its legal system is based on English common law, its Chief Justice is appointed by the Crown, and judgments are recognised and upheld internationally. Access to the courts is swift, efficient and less costly than in the United Kingdom - factors that, coincidentally, attract growing numbers of ship arrests and similar Admiralty matters to the jurisdiction.

The journey to work is generally stress free: just a short walk (Gibraltar is 5km long by 1.6km at its widest point), or you can drive in on the uncluttered Spanish roads.

Gibraltar is family-friendly. There are income tax benefits for married couples and those with children. Gibraltar schools operate on the UK curriculum and exam structure, they have a good reputation, and are freely available to Gibraltar residents. There is a fee-paying English-based International School nearby in Spain.

There are quite specific rules governing who can live in Gibraltar so click to find out more

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