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Relocating to any new country is a big decision whether you are single, or have a family, but rest assured many have done it before you and there is a wealth of information available whether you are consdiering working in Spain or just moving to Spain.

Here at Recruit Spain we have put togther lots of useful information that will help you when relocating to Spain but don't forget we are also here to help look for work in Spain and to assist you in finding a job in Spain.

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Below are links to various pages that will provide you with information about relocating to Spain, working in Spain and moving to Spain. Please note that some information may be subject to change and that the information provided is meant as a guide.

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Unemployment in Spain

Google those 3 words today and you will see endless results which make for all too depressing reading. It seems just a short while ago that people were able to find work with little or no difficulty, but it is a very different story now. Everyone will have their own view on the cause of the economic problems that we face in Spain, but the simple fact is that there are fewer jobs than ever, and we have to be smarter, more resourceful and more dedicated to jobhunting than ever before.

If you want to work for an illegal company, ripping people off and inevitably getting ripped off yourself by your employers, then there are lots of options open to you, good luck with that. If you want to work for a professional company, and provide a quality service to your employer or client, then follow these 10 simple tips and ensure you stand out from the crowd:

  1. Dedicate as much time as possible to your job search, it takes time to circulate your c.v. and to attend interviews, and this cannot be achieved if you cannot give it your undivided attention.
  2. Ensure you have a fully up to date c.v. ideally no more than 2 pages long and providing accurate and concise details about your work history and education. If you are not confident in how to structure your c.v. then get an expert to do this for you, this will be a small price to pay for something which will lead to you securing your ideal job.
  3. Make sure you have a Spanish phone number and access to e mail, this is the 21st Century after all. If a potential employer cannot contact you, you will lose out on that job.
  4. Equally as obvious; even if the company say that you should wear casual clothing to an interview, do not think that a vest, shorts and flip flops are suitable interview attire, it isn’t.
  5. Research the company you have applied to work for, its amazing how many people attend an interview with absolutely no idea what the company do, that’s a big negative.
  6. Ensure you do a “dummy run” to the interview location, so there will be no delays on the day of the interview, check out the parking, bus routes etc. the manaña approach doesn’t work in interviews.
  7. Preplan answers to standard questions such as what your strengths and weaknesses are and why you left your previous job.
  8. Don't ever refuse a job offer until you have had the time to think about it. It may be the only one you get.
  9. Remember to ask for the contact details of the interviewer so that you can send a follow up e mail the following day re affirming your interest in the role, this is one of our personal favourites!
  10. Finally, Try and have an open mind when it comes to the type of role you are willing to look at, whether that be based on the location, working hours, salary etc. Remember you can always say “No” to a job offer.
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