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Top Recruitment Agencies in Gibraltar

Looking for a reliable recruitment agency in Gibraltar?

The constantly changing economic environment has led to the creation of a few recruitment agencies in Gibraltar that provide both onilne and more traditional forms of recruitment. RecruitSpain has been at the forefront of those recruitment agencies in Gibraltar providing a personal service to candidates and really listening to their needs, and thoughts, on their chosen career.

Recruitspain do not charge for their recruitment agency service and firstly appraise what our candidates are searching for prior to embarking on sending their CV off to potential employers. Subsequent to this we will discuss each role in turn and decide its suitability for you, and then discuss any changes that may be required to your CV prior to forwarding it across for consideration.

If you are called for interview we will explain the location and make the necessary arrangements for you to visit the company or provide you with all the necessary details for a phone interview. If offered after interview we can be part of the salary / package negotiation process if this is something you require.

RecruitSpain aim to continue to be the first choice recruitment agency in Gibraltar for both candidates and companies alike.

Why use RecruitSpain as your chosen recruitment agency in Gibraltar?

  • We have over 5 years of local experience in the marketplace.
  • 5 years of experience as a recruitment agency in Gibraltar means 5 years making local contacts that you can tap into.
  • We will not send your CV out to any company with out your express say so thus eradicating any situations whereby you are being undervalued by having your CV sent out to a number of different companies. It also gives you the control to decide where your CV is sent – Gibraltar is a small town!
  • We take the time to go over your CV to ensure you are well matched to roles you are interested in.
  • We do not charge for our range services.

Gibraltar HR Consultancy Skills

We offer Gibraltar HR consultancy skills to clients to ensure that employees arrive with the necessary documentation as well as enabling their families to settle into their new life quickly, and companies can take the option of a flat fee per employee, or use our services ad hoc.


  • Employment and Training Board paperwork
  • Work permits
  • Detached worker applications
  • Local ID Application
  • Pre-employment Screening and Employee Induction
  • Event Driven Administration e.g. leavers, joiners and job changes
  • Compensation Management
  • Reference Requests e.g. proof of earning, previous employee
  • Contracts, Policies & Procedures in line with local legislation


  • Ensuring children are able to enrol in their school of choice immediately
  • Sourcing of accommodation
  • Preferential on site bank account opening facilities
  • Preferential on site exchange rates
  • Door to door removal service
  • Preferential medical insurance

If you wish to contact us then please do so on +34 952 667986 (Spain) or email us with your contact details at


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