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Recruitment Agencies in Spain

Recruitment Agencies in Spain

The advent of recruitment agencies in Spain is a relatively new service in the South of Spain even though the larger global recruitment agencies such as Manpower had been in existence for many years they were not catered to the expat market. Recruitment agencies had been in existence in the main cities such as Madrid and Barcelona but again not really catering for the expat market. RecruitSpain was amongst the first recruitment agency to open its doors in Andalucia or the Costa del Sol and provide traditional recruitment agency services and are now amongst the most well known recruitment agency on the coast.

The service of matching jobs to your requirements in a role are the staple of the service in addition to adjusting or tailoring your Cv to a role as required. You just need to ensure that your Cv is up to date and then post it on our registration page for us to review and decide which roles you would be suitable for.

Why use RecruitSpain as your chosen recruitment agency in Spain?

  • We have over 4 years of local experience in the marketplace.
  • Over 4 years of experience as a recruitment agency in Spain means over 4 years making local contacts that you can tap into.
  • We will not send your CV out to any company with out your express say so thus eradicating any situations whereby you are being undervalued by having your CV sent out to a number of different companies. It also gives you the control to decide where your CV is sent!
  • We take the time to go over your CV to ensure you are well matched to roles you are interested in.
  • We do not charge for our range services.