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Healthcare in Spain

About Medical Treatment in Spain

Overall the Spanish healthcare system is excellent. Most hospitals are modern, well-equipped and the standard of medical care very high. People coming to live in Spain from Northern Europe may find some differences in policy between their own, and the Spanish health systems, but generally they are very similar. The greatest difference is that while Spanish nurses are well-trained and very efficient, they are not expected to perform many of the day to day duties carried out by nurses trained in other countries, and many tasks , for example feeding are expected to be carried out by the patient's family. All hospitals will allow one companion to stay with the patient 24 hours a day. Visiting times will vary for other visitors.

Make sure that you register at you local medical centre when you first arrive in Spain, and find out at what times it operates.
Dental treatment is Spain is private and, as in most other countries, the quality will vary from practice to practice, recommendations are best in that respect.

The emergency phone number in Spain is 112

Private health insurance is widely available and there are many household names are vying for your business. Make sure you get a policy suited to your requirements, not that of the salesperson, and always ask for a copy of the policy in your own language. Premiums are reasonable and can be paid yearly in advance or monthly. Do read your policy carefully though as you may find some things you will need are excluded, for example some policies will only cover you for emergency treatment in your home and/or an ambulance to the local hospital, and you may find that you have to pay for any hospital treatment after you have received it.


If you are register for free healthcare under Spanish social security, then you can get medicines that you require on prescription for a 60% discount, or free if you are a pensioner.

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