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Medical Services in Gibraltar


Through the Gibraltar Health Authority you can access a Group Practice Medical Scheme whereby contributors to the system receive free health benefits. In the event of you becoming a contributor, all your medical needs will be met either by outside providers, or on The Rock itself, which can be arranged by the scheme.

The Health Centre has general practice surgeons with more specialised services at the St. Bernard's Hospital which has more than 180 beds and offers outpatient services. In accordance with the size of the local population, some specialists can not be maintained on a permanent basis so highly specialised doctors such as paediatric neurosurgeons are flown in from the UK when required. The Health Authority can also provide essential ophthalmic and dental services as well as doctor house calls and subsidised medicine.

The King George V Psychiatric Unit has facilities for up to 60 in patients inaddition to outpatient services and deals with a wide variety of psychiatric conditions.

As mentioned previously, if you are a contributo you are eligible for free service from this public health scheme. However, UK citizens visiting you during your residence can also use the system during periods of "temporary residency",for example visits of up to 30 days. To access the healthcare system, your visitor must have a valid UK passport stamped upon arrival. They will then be eligible for free health benefits during their stay. (Note, this applies to all UK citizens stopping in Gibraltar, whether or not they are visiting someone.)

UK Pensioners wishing to find out if they can receive benefits from the Gibraltar Health Authority should consult the Department of Social Security in the UK by ringing 0191 218 3386 or by writing to:

Department of Social Security
Pensions and Overseas Benefits Directorate
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE98 1BA

You can access specific information about Gibraltar's healthcare services on the following numbers:

Health Centres

  • St Bernard's Hospital 79700
  • Royal Naval Hospital 55400
  • Cancer Relief 4239


  • Calpe Pharmacy 77231
  • Medical Hall 75764
  • Bell Pharmacy 77289
  • Valmar Pharmacy 74971
  • Baglietto Pharmacy 76822

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