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The Climate And Weather Of Spain


If you ask any expat what their main motivation was in choosing Spain as their new home, the wonderful climate would be right at the top of their list. The weather influences so much here, and has helped define many of the everyday routines that are part and parcel of Spanish life; from the afternoon siesta to the bustling promenades at sunrise. Outdoor living is taken for granted, no worrying about whether the barbeque might be washed out next weekend here!

But what is the climate really like?

In general, the various regions of Spain show similarities in each season; summers are warm and winters are mild, although naturally, at times, they show important differences also.  Summer time in Spain begins from the beginning of June and lasts until the end of September, and during this period it attracts its’ greatest amount of tourists, most of whom flock to the coastal resorts. During the middle of summer Spain basks in sunshine, with temperatures that can range from 25º in the North, 30º as you work you work your way south along the coastline, right the way up to 40º plus in central regions. The summer nights are invariably warm, and there is a feeling that the whole pace of life slows down just a little. A lot of visitors to Spain refer to this is the mañana mentality, when in reality it is just good, plain common sense.

During winter time, Spain does not suffer from extreme cold weather,although it can provide some very low temperatures in some areas, particularly in Madrid and central regions. Within these regions temperatures can barely climb above 0º C , although the average for the majority of Spain tends to be around 10º C, which is considered very cold in itself. There is plenty of rain in the North during winter, with the rain being more torrential, but less frequent, in the South. Snow falls in the mountains every year, the Sierra Nevada range attracts skiers from all over Europe.

It could be said that autumn or spring provide the optimum temperatures for visiting Spain, these periods tend to bring warm days and mild nights to many regions, and invariably offer respite from extremely cold, or unreliable weather in Northern Europe.

Those tourists who visit Spain during the spring or autumn months will find it much less crowded, making it an ideal time to see the country in a quieter, more relaxed way.


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