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Bank Accounts in Spain


Opening a bank account in Spain is a fairly simple process but here are some tips to make it even easier:

Consider which banks are available at your intended destination. Small towns may have only one bank, but offer more personal service, whereas larger towns may have more banks, with a wider range of services. Which would suit you?

Will you need a bank with English-speaking staff? If so, consider a bank in a larger town/resort

Accounts can be opened in person or by post (the latter should be a last resort)

To open an account you must be over 18 and provide proof of identity (e.g. a valid passport). Residents should bring their residence card details. If you own property, the bank will also probably want your NIE number (compulsory for foreign owners)

Account types - most people have a current or savings account. With a current account, you receive a cheque book and debit/ATM card. Most shops do not accept cheques, so credit/debit cards are required

Spanish bank opening hours are normally 9am-2pm Monday to Friday. Banks in Spain don't open on Saturdays, but some branches are open until 4pm Monday to Friday

Three big Spanish banks are Banco Santander, BBVA and Banesto. All have international branches

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